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Local News

What is Local News?

This space allows locals and visitors to access information about community news, announcements, headlines, events, updates, and notifications.  It is a central hub that fosters local engagement and promotes connectivity via an online portal. If you would like to post a news item on this channel, please contact the site  administrator by clicking this link.

Yoga on Beach

Discover tranquility and renewal in the serene beauty of Methoni!

Published: 07 Jul 2024

Image by Paul Skorupskas

Lights, Camera, Action: Join Methoni´s Youth Cinema Program!

Published: 13 Jun 2024


Methoni Square Gets a Stunning Makeover!

Published: 31 May  2024

Tennis Racket and Ball

Experience the thrill of our new tennis and basketball courts!

Published: 15 Apr 2024

Image by Daniel ZH

Connect with Methoni: Tapia Hill Webcam, coming soon!

Published: 01 Apr 2024


Typhoon: Navigating Greece’s Shores for a Cleaner Tomorrow!

Published: 28 Jun 2024

Image by Mike Petrucci

Open Homes Art: Unleash Your Creativity in Methoni!

Published: 6 Jun 2024


Celebrating Success: A.O Methoni Soccer Team Shines Bright!

Published: 23 Apr 2024

Image by Piero Nigro

Maximize your business potential by listing and promoting with us today!

Published: 10 Apr 2024

Rescue Puppy

Choose Kindness: Adopt a Stray and Make a Difference!

Published: 10 Mar 2024


Stay alert, secure your belongings, and enjoy a safe, sunny summer in Methoni!

Published: 26 Jun 2024

black spot light_edited.jpg

From Shadows to Light: Methoni Castle Glows Again!

Published: 3 Jun 2024

Image by Joshua Newton

Historic Honor: Olympic Flame Lights Up Methoni with Glorious Arrival!

Published: 17 Apr 2024


Sun, Sand, and Boule: Your Perfect Beachside Fun Awaits!

Published: 05  Apr 2024


Dive into with our online puzzles & uncover Methoni's charm one click at a time!

Published: 03 Mar 2024

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