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G.A  Real Estate &


Introducing G.A Real Estate & Construction, the premier destination for all your property needs in the picturesque village of Methoni and the broader Messinia area.


Founded by brothers George and Aggelos, whose family legacy in construction spans generations, G.A is built upon a foundation of unparalleled expertise and dedication to excellence. With a deep-rooted passion inherited from their father, a revered local builder, George and Aggelos have seamlessly transitioned into the realm of real estate, earning a reputation for professionalism and integrity that is second to none.

Their extensive portfolio caters to both local residents and international clients, reflecting their commitment to quality, customer service, and superior craftsmanship. As trusted locals themselves, the brothers possess an intimate knowledge of the region, making them the go-to choice for those looking to invest or settle in Methoni and its surroundings. Moreover, in collaboration with the esteemed and prize winning Tzokas Architects, G.A offers comprehensive services for those seeking to buy, build or renovate their dream home, ensuring every aspect of your property journey is met with expertise and care.

For a seamless real estate experience rooted in trust and excellence, look no further than G.A Real Estate & Construction – where dreams become reality.

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George Mountanos

Angelo Mountanos

Dimitris Pavlou

- Civil Engineering -

Discover excellence in civil engineering with Dimitris Pavlou Civil Engineering, a distinguished firm situated in the village of Methoni. Led by the dynamic husband-and-wife team, this highly professional firm boasts a diverse clientele spanning both local residents and international investors. 

With an unwavering commitment to value, quality, and exceptional customer service, Dimitris Pavlou Civil Engineering is renowned for its meticulous planning, innovative design, and steadfast supervision of construction projects throughout Methoni and its surrounding areas. The firm specializes in a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Advisory Support and research regarding the finding and suitability of plots / parcels of land for the purpose(s) desired by the client

  • Architectural Design of new buildings and Restoration Studies of old and preserved buildings

  • Static Studies of new buildings, Studies of Valuation of bearing capacity of existing structures and Studies of Reinforcements of bearing organization

  • Issuance of Building Permits

  • Repairs - Renovations - Reconstructions

  • Construction of new buildings, Supervision and/or Management of the construction site and Organization of work in all stages of the construction project

Whether you're embarking on a new project or seeking to breathe new life into existing structures, trust Dimitris Pavlou Civil Engineering to deliver unmatched expertise and proven results every step of the way.

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Dimitris A. Pavlou

-   Your Trusted Builders in Messinia   -

NCK Construction

Established in 1955 as Christos Kastanis OE and later rebranded as Nikos Kastanis & SIA EE in the 1980s, NCK Construction has been a cornerstone of excellence in construction across the Messinia region, particularly in the precinct of Methoni and beyond. With over three generations of experience, NCK Construction has evolved into a name synonymous with reliability, quality, and precision in construction projects.