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Conveniently situated across from Methoni Bus Station, Karkatsoulis Pharmacy stands as a beacon of health and wellness in the heart of the village. As a cherished family-run establishment led by Lambros Karkatsoulis, his dedicated wife, and their son, this pharmacy has been a cornerstone of the community for many years. Serving both locals and tourists alike, the Karkatsoulis family is renowned for their unwavering commitment to meeting the diverse medical and personal needs of their customers.  

Karkatsoulis Pharmacy is your one-stop destination for all your needs, whether you're in search of sunscreen for a day at the nearby beach, vitamins to boost your health, a toothbrush for your travel kit, or baby formula for your little one. Even if you're seeking a product not currently available in-store, rest assured that the dedicated team will make every concerted effort to source it for you within a day or two, subject to availability.

Throughout the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, Karkatsoulis Pharmacy has played a pivotal role, providing rapid tests and diagnoses while upholding the highest standards of care and safety. Beyond their professional expertise, what truly sets them apart is their genuine warmth and caring nature, making every interaction a comforting experience. Whether you're seeking medical advice, prescriptions, or simply browsing their extensive selection of products for personal or family use, Karkatsoulis Pharmacy is your trusted partner in health. With their convenient location amidst Methoni's bustling restaurant and shopping strip, and open seven days a week, you can rely on Karkatsoulis Pharmacy to cater to all your needs with diligence and compassion.

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Mr Lambros Karkatsoulis

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