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Hiking Trails

The village of Methoni offers a diverse range of hiking treks, catering to enthusiasts of all levels. From leisurely coastal walks to more challenging uphill trails, the options are as varied as the stunning landscapes they explore. For those seeking a relaxed option, the coastal seaside paths provide a picturesque journey, allowing hikers to soak in the tranquility of the Ionian Sea. Meanwhile, treks around the iconic Methoni castle offer a historical and architectural dimension to the hiking experience. As one ventures through the olive groves that dot the region, the intertwining paths unveil a tapestry of vibrant greenery and fragrant blossoms. For an added adventure, consider venturing to Sapienza island, where wild nature and untouched landscapes ignite the senses. The possibility to explore this pristine island will truly leave you speechless. As you embark upon your chosen trek, expect a warm welcome from the friendly locals, whose hospitality adds an unforgettable touch to the adventure. Amidst the spectacular nature, Methoni's hiking trails not only promise physical rejuvenation but also offer a sensorial delight, combining the beauty of the coastal landscape, the rich history of the castle, the serenity of olive groves, and the warmth of the local community.

Although here are countless treks to choose from, the below are several popular treks selected by locals and tourists.  For a more comprehensive list of detailed treks, it is highly recommended you download the Wikiloc App and register as a premium member.  This will offer you GPS navigation on your smartphone, and will allow you to download the trails, upload your own routes and even share your location in real time with family and friends.  There is a small monthly fee of approximately 1€ or 12€ annually.


Trek 1.png

Difficulty:  Easy

Views:  Coastal

Duration:  43 minutes

Length:  3.1kms

Trek 1 Slope.png


Trek 2.png

Difficulty:  Medium

Views:  Castle, Coastal

Duration:  1hr 24min

Length:  6 kms

Trek 2 Slope.png


Trek 3.png

Difficulty:  Medium

Views: Coastal, Olive Groves

Duration:  2hrs 13min

Length:  9.2 kms

Trek 3 Slope.png


Trek 4.png

Difficulty:  Hard

Views: Coastal, Olive Groves

Duration:  4hrs 41min

Length:  19.9 kms

Trek 4 Slope.png


Trek 5.png

Difficulty:  Easy

Views: Castle, Coastal

Duration:  41min

Length:  3 kms

Trek 5 Slope.png

Click the preferred option above to view and download the Wikiloc App - with over 15 million members, 49 million outdoor treks  and 89 million accommodating photos.

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