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Olive Harvest

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In Methoni, Greece, the annual olive harvesting and production season transforms the community into a bustling hub of shared joy and tradition. As the season arrives, a contagious enthusiasm sweeps through the village, prompting almost everyone to momentarily set aside their daily tasks and responsibilities to join in the timeless ritual of harvesting olives. The air is filled with laughter and camaraderie as families and neighbors come together, collectively tending to their ancient olive groves, handpicking the plump, sun-kissed olives that have matured throughout the year.

The olive orchards become vibrant canvases, echoing with the sounds of lively conversations, traditional music, and the rhythmic beating of olive-laden branches. Young and old alike engage in the age-old practice, sharing stories and passing down knowledge from one generation to the next. The picturesque landscape of Methoni is adorned with the vivid hues of olive green, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the unity and harmony of the community.

As the harvest progresses, the bounty of olives is carefully collected and transported to local olive presses. The atmosphere in these traditional mills is electrifying, resonating with the aromas of freshly crushed olives and echoing the collective pride of the community. The golden-green elixir that emerges – the village's own extra virgin olive oil – becomes a symbol of shared effort and a source of immense satisfaction for all involved.

The olive harvesting season in Methoni transcends the mundane; it's a celebration of heritage, community spirit, and the precious fruits of the land. In this uplifting process, the village temporarily transforms into a lively, interconnected tapestry of people, culture, and nature, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of all who participate.

From Tree To Table:  A Visual Journey Of The Oil Harvest Process

Olive Grove

1. Nurture Trees

Image by Melina Kiefer

2. Ripe Olives

Image by Cristiano Valadar

3. Harvest Olives

Image by Bozica Uglesic

4. Capture Olives

Harvested Fresh Olives

5. Bag Olives


6. Wash Olives

Extraction of organic oil from olives by means of a circular grinding stone in Italy.jpg

7. Crush Olives

Olive Oil Production

8. Filter Olive Oil

Bottles of Olive Oil
Olive Oil Bottles
Pouring Olive Oil
Olive Oil

9. Bottle Olive Oil

10. Label Olive Oil

11. Cook With Olive Oil

12. Serve Food

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