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Public Health Clinic

Methoni Medical Clinic

Located in the centre of Methoni village, the small medical clinic stands as a vital hub of healthcare for both local residents and tourists in need of medical attention. Its significance is paramount, particularly for the elderly residents who may face challenges in traveling long distances for medical care. Operating under the auspices of the Municipality of Pylos and as part of the broader Health Centers of the Prefecture, this clinic plays a vital role in providing essential medical services to the community.

Staffed by skilled, competent, and highly qualified medical professionals, the clinic serves as the initial point of contact for patients, offering examinations, diagnoses, and treatment plans tailored to individual needs. Should further medical intervention be necessary, the clinic collaborates closely with larger health facilities in nearby Pylos or even Kalamata. Additionally, in partnership with the local pharmacy in Methoni, the clinic ensures that patients receive comprehensive care and access to necessary medications, fulfilling the fundamental requirements of healthcare delivery in the village.

Contact Details

Opening Hours

Hours of operation is pinned on the health clinic door, as this varies depending on season.


(+30) 2723 031456

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