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Methoni Square Makeover

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Methoni Square Unveils Stunning Makeover Just in Time for Summer!

Methoni Square, a cherished gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Located in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier and the Methoni Municipality offices, this popular haven is opposite an array of bustling restaurants and cafes. For years, people have gathered in Methoni Square to sit under the shade of the majestic overarching trees, enjoying beverages, meals, music, and the friendly atmosphere. However, the square's charm had been compromised over time as the roots of the large trees damaged the cement tiles, necessitating a complete extraction and replacement.

In response to this growing issue, the municipality took swift action, commencing the restoration project several months ago. This extensive endeavor is nearing completion just in time for the summer tourist season. The old trees have been extracted and replaced with smaller ones that will eventually grow to provide much-needed shade during the hot summer months. The damaged cement tiles have been removed, and a freshly prepared cement surface now graces the square.

Additionally, solar-powered lights have been installed to offer an environmentally friendly lighting solution, enhancing safety and security for both locals and visitors. The surrounding businesses are delighted with the project, as the newly even surface eliminates the risk of staff, elderly patrons, and passers-by tripping and injuring themselves.

Be sure to visit Methoni Square to enjoy the revitalized surroundings. Relish a freshly cooked meal or a cold beverage while taking in the renewed beauty and vibrancy of this beloved public space.

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