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Published: 17 Apr 2024


Mr Christos Niokos




Years In Methoni

Methoni, Greece

What aspects of village life do you find most enriching or meaningful?

The ability to live your life however you want, without others being critical and judgmental. The ability to do what makes you happy and content, and not being influenced by the dreams and ambitions of others.

Do you have recommendations for visitors to truly experience the authentic charm of our village?

It is not my position to tell visitors what they should or shouldn't do in Methoni. It is up to them to do whatever makes them happy. If it is history they seek, then they can visit the historical sites. If it is the beach they desire, then they can spend their time at the beach. Whatever makes them happy - that´s the most important recommendation I can offer.

Can you share a special memory or story that reflects the unique character of our community?

Methoni was a most incredible village. I can remember the wonderful theatre we had in the middle of the village, where prominent actors from all over Greece came to perform. I also remember the Messinia swimming competition held in Methoni bay, where many swimmers competed for first place. It was so exciting when two brothers from Methoni won the 100m sprint, in separate years. We were so proud!

If you could turn back time, would you do anything differently in your life?

That´s a good question that requires a wise answer. How can I make a judgement call to change something in my life, when I do not know what the outcome would be of the thing I decide to change? One this is for sure - I would never change my life as a fisherman. The joy and the character building of this occupation is priceless.
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