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Published: 16 Apr 2024


Mr Athanasios Diktakis




Years In Methoni

Methoni, Greece

What aspects of village life do you find most enriching or meaningful?

The gatherings with friends, family and locals at cafes and other selected venues. These gatherings are very enriching, as we discuss various topics and each person contributes to the conversation, providing their own personal insight and opinion. These sessions are very important as they bond and strengthen the community. Whether we meet over a soccer broadcast, a fishing trip, or a simple coffee, its these simple moments that enrich friendships and provide meaning.

Do you have recommendations for visitors to truly experience the authentic charm of our village?

Absolutely. I would encourage them to participate in village life in order to experience the authentic Methoni - "to do as the locals do." Whether they decide to go on a fishing trip with a local fisherman, or to visit a venue frequented by locals, the options are plenty. I´d also encourage them to visit the historic sites of Methoni, to better understand the importance of the village as a major trade route connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Can you share a special memory or story that reflects the unique character of our community?

My fondest memories were as a child, where I would gather with friends and we´d watch all the tourists visit the village. Many camped in the camping grounds, and we´d play soccer together on the sand. Life was much simpler then. We did not have television. No smartphones. No technology that would consume our time. We had the outdoors. We had friends. We had adventure. The village was bustling with people. The community was larger then, as there were more opportunities. We worked as "one" to support each other. We had butchers, banks, a police station, a judicial court, tailors, supermarkets, hair salons, a small hospital, a post office. Life was simple, yet rich and fulfilling.

If you could turn back time, would you do anything differently in your life?

If I knew as a young boy what I know today, I´d change many things in my life. I´d make sure that I chased my dreams to become the best version of myself. To find my passion in life, and to become good at it. To succeed in business. In happiness. In the opportunities presented.
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