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Published: 4 Jan 2024


Mr Laurenz Schmid




Years In Methoni

Basel, Switzerland

What aspects of village life do you find most enriching or meaningful?

The charm and friendliness of the locals.  The natural beauty of the landscape and historic significance of the village.

Do you have recommendations for visitors to truly experience the authentic charm of our village?

Participate in the cultural and traditional events of the village.  Absorb the natural surroundings of the village and make sure you leave your problems behind.  Simply slow down and enjoy.

Can you share a special memory or story that reflects the unique character of our community?

Friendly neighbours ringing the doorbell and arriving with freshly made sweets, delicious plates of food and enormous smiles.  Everyone is willing to help and make you feel at home, as though you´ve known them a lifetime.

If you could turn back time, would you do anything differently in your life?

Reprioritize work-life balance and focus more on the simple things that matter most.
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