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Published: 4 Jan 2024


Mr George Lampropoulos




Years In Methoni

Melbourne, Australia
IT Portfolio Manager

What aspects of village life do you find most enriching or meaningful?

The simplicity, lifestyle, phenomenal weather, breathtaking landscapes and friendly locals.

Do you have recommendations for visitors to truly experience the authentic charm of our village?

Meet the locals and take time to hear their stories and embrace their incredible hospitality.  Avoid setting the alarm and simply allow your body clock to decide what time you wake up.  Leave your stress behind and enjoy the pace of village life. Visit the historic sites, replace shoes with flip-flops, take a dip in the sea, drink some ouzo, tsipouro or a glass of local wine, and laugh until your stomach hurts.

Can you share a special memory or story that reflects the unique character of our community?

The incredible hospitality of the village locals - referred to in Greek as "philotimia".  With too many examples to mention, I can only summarise that I never felt like a stranger in Methoni.  The love, affection and thoughtfulness of the locals is simply astonishing.

If you could turn back time, would you do anything differently in your life?

Move to Methoni earlier :-)
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