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Nontas Grill House

Quietly positioned in the side street of Methoni, Nontas Grill House stands as a beacon of tradition and culinary finesse. For generations, this beloved grill house has been a cornerstone of the community, known for its commitment to serving only the finest quality local meat. If there's one thing Nontas Grill House knows, it's how to perfectly cook meat on the grill. The owners, with their years of experience and unwavering dedication, have honed their craft to perfection, making it the ultimate destination for meat lovers far and wide.

Word of Nontas Grill House's exceptional offerings quickly spread beyond the village, turning it into a must-visit hotspot for both locals and tourists alike. From juicy steaks to mouthwatering souvlaki and succulent chicken breasts, every dish is expertly marinated and cooked to absolute perfection.

Step into Nontas Grill House, and you'll be transported to a simpler time and place. The charming outdoor setting exudes an ambiance that captures the essence of village life, where warmth, simplicity, and quality reign supreme. Here, amidst the rustic surroundings, you can let the food speak for itself as you savor each bite of perfectly grilled meat. Whether you're craving a hearty meal or simply seeking an authentic dining experience, Nontas Grill House invites you to indulge in the flavors of tradition and hospitality. Come and discover why this beloved establishment has stood the test of time and earned its place as a cherished gem in the heart of Methoni.


Methoni 240 06, Greece


(+30) 2723 031791

Opening Hours


Due to seasonal adjustments, please call the establishment to confirm precise operating days / hours.

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