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Established in 1971, the AO Methoni Soccer Club has deep roots in the coastal town of Methoni. The club's establishment was made possible through the unwavering support of the local residents, who not only funded the acquisition of jerseys and essential equipment but also played a crucial role in the construction of the Methoni soccer ground. The community's generous donations, coupled with their physical efforts, resulted in the creation of a soccer stadium that stands as a testament to the collective spirit and dedication of the Methoni locals. Initially comprising students, the Methoni team quickly emerged as a formidable force in the league, triumphing over some of the top teams. Throughout the years, the fanbase has flourished, with an unwavering and loyal support base.

As one steps into the Methoni stadium, a huge sense of pride engulfs the spectators, who witness their team showcasing incredible skills, together with passion and dedication. The club's journey is marked by the harmonious chants and cheers of the community, uniting in one voice and one heart to encourage their beloved players. Under the evening lights that illuminate the training drills, the club not only hones the skills and teamwork of its players but also symbolizes the pride of Methoni resonating among its residents.  On the home pitch, the team´s jersey colors of blue, red, and purple create a striking visual spectacle, symbolizing teamwork, spirit and determination. As such, matchdays become a heartwarming celebration of unity, where the club's performance entertains spectators and spreads a sense of pride to every corner of the community.

The Team

President: Angelos Angelopoulos

1st Vice President: Efstathia Georgopoulou

2nd Vice President: Anastasia Baka

General Secretary: Dionysios Psallidas

Treasurer: Efthymios Goumenakis

Football Referee: Antonios Markanastasakis

Director of Academies: Evangelos Tselios

Members: Michael Papachronakis, Vladimir Lika

Photo Library

Methoni Soccer Stadium

Methoni Soccer Teams (2022 - 1971)