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Pet Food

Firko Petfood Supplies

Positioned at the entrance of Methoni village lies beloved gem for pet owners: Firko Petfood Supplies. With years of dedicated service, Firko Petfood Supplies has become a trusted haven for animal enthusiasts in the area. As the sole pet food shop in Methoni, the owner curates a diverse selection of top-quality dog and cat food, catering to every pet´s dietary needs. From convenient canned options to nutritious dry food, Firko Petfood Supplies ensures that your furry companions are well-fed and happy. Whether you're seeking a small weekly supply or a bulk purchase to last a month, the portion sizes range from 100 grams to generous 20kg sacks, providing endless options to suit your requirements.  They also sell chicken pellets which are very popular in a village community, where chickens are a prized pet.

But Firko Petfood Supplies isn't just about pet nourishment; it's a one-stop destination for olive  oil tins and household essentials too. In addition to the extensive pet food selection, they offer a variety of household cleaning products, including brooms, mops, detergents, dishwashing liquid, sponges, and garbage bags. The shop´s commitment to serving the community extends beyond the care of pets to the cleanliness and comfort of homes. 

Whether you're stocking up on pet essentials or need to replenish your household cleaning supplies, Firko Petfood Supplies is your go-to destination in Methoni. Experience the quality, convenience, and personalized service at Firko Petfood Supplies – where your pet's happiness and your home's cleanliness are their top priorities.

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