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Published: 17 Apr 2024


Mr Nikos Diktakis




Years In Methoni

Methoni, Greece

What aspects of village life do you find most enriching or meaningful?

My contribution in the political decisions of Methoni, and the immense joy of being a fisherman. My contribution in the political decisions of Methoni has helped shape its infrastructure and lead the village towards growth and prosperity.

Do you have recommendations for visitors to truly experience the authentic charm of our village?

As a fisherman, I would suggest the tourists and visitors speak to the locals. Get to know their stories. Their joys. Their wonderful memories that have seen the village evolve from a busy hub to the seaside destination they find themselves visiting. All the locals are simple and friendly people. They don´t have inflamed egos, nor a sense of superiority. They are approachable and would love to share stories with both locals and tourists.

Can you share a special memory or story that reflects the unique character of our community?

One memory that is unforgettable is the "bridal marketplace" of 1967-68. Every Sunday, the fathers would encourage their daughters to dress pretty, wear high heals and parade along the shoreline and down the main street - in the hope to capture the attention of a eligible bachelor. Remember, Methoni had approximately 3000 residents during this period, so the competition was fierce and the opportunities were plentiful. There was also a fond memory of the "Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ" which is celebrated each year on the 6th of August. During this incredible celebration, the festivities took place in the castle grounds where there were parades, soccer games, theatrical performances, food, dancing etc. I also remember the prominent wine factory that occupied the entire Methoni parking lot - supplying quality wines to all of Greece and beyond.

If you could turn back time, would you do anything differently in your life?

Yes, we all make mistakes (whether they are large or small) and I would correct some of them. Nevertheless, I would not change my occupation. My life as a fisherman is very fulfilling and enriching. There is nothing I would do for money, if it strips me of my happiness. The happy community in Methoni is accredited to our love towards one another, and our willingness to help, support and encourage each other through all circumstances - independent of the wealth, status and prominence of the individual. Everyone is equal in Methoni.
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