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Surreal Cafe Bar

Nestled in the heart of Methoni´s popular square, Surrealism Cafe/Bar beckons with its enchanting ambiance and panoramic views. Just a stone's throw away from the Methoni shoreline, patrons are treated to breathtaking views of the historic Methoni castle and the captivating Sapienza island. Open from dawn till dusk, Surrealism is a haven for locals and travelers alike, offering a delightful array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. From traditional Greek delicacies to mouthwatering Mediterranean delights, every dish is prepared with care, reflecting the culinary heritage of the region.

As the sun sets, Surrealism transforms into a vibrant hotspot, with occasional live bands adding to the lively atmosphere during the peak summer months. The aroma of freshly prepared cocktails fills the air, tempting guests to indulge in the cafe's signature cocktails. More than just a place to dine, Surrealism is a family-run establishment with a rich history spanning over four generations. Linked to the esteemed Filanthi suites, Surrealism epitomizes the essence of Greek hospitality, offering not only delicious meals but also access to their impressive sun chairs and umbrellas. Whether savoring a leisurely meal, enjoying a refreshing drink, or taking a dip in the crystalline waters, Surrealism promises an unforgettable experience in the idyllic setting of Methoni village.


Methoni 240 06, Greece


(+30) 694 5892060

Opening Hours

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Due to seasonal adjustments, please call the establishment to confirm precise operating days / hours.

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