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Athanasiou Bakery

Transport yourself to a tantalising oasis in the heart of Methoni, where over four generations Athanasiou Bakery has proudly served the community with timeless family recipes.  Established in 1904, Athanasiou Bakery is a celebration of tradition, showcasing the finest local ingredients into every loaf of bread, sweet, and aromatic cup of coffee. 

Offering a haven for both locals and visitors alike, be prepared to experience the skill and artistry of their bakers who have perfected the delicate craft over over a century.  So, whether you pop in for a quick bite and a cup of coffee, or whether you decide to sit in the pleasant outdoor space, let Athanasiou Bakery transport you to the heartwarming spirit of Methoni's culinary heritage.


Savor the Athanasiou Bakery's bread — a genuine treat with a perfect balance of crispy outer layers and soft insides, revealing a rich tapestry of flavors and textures. The skilled touch in every loaf brings forth a simple, delicious and memorable experience that keeps you coming back for more.


Indulge in the delightful world of Athanasiou sweets, ranging from a blend of locally cherished treats to international delights.  The bakery's commitment to freshness ensures that each sweet provides a mouthwatering symphony to satisfy every craving.


Athanasiou Bakery takes pride in showcasing irresistible cakes - where each creation is a delicious masterpiece crafted with skill and passion. From mouthwatering ingredients to custom designs, Athanasiou Bakery elevates the art of baking to a new level, ensuring every slice is a delightful journey through layers of flavor and texture.

Shop & Gifts

Athanasiou Bakery presents a diverse array of gift-wrapped delights, from delectable sweets and biscuits to a curated selection of local and international wines and spirits.  Tailoring packages for all occasions, the bakery ensures each gift is a thoughtful and tasteful expression, making every celebration a truly memorable experience.